Green Foundation Repair: Crack Repair and being Eco Friendly.

foundation crack repair
The sad thing to realize about foundation repair is that there is, not yet, a totally “green” method of doing it.

Crack repair for all styles of foundation all require epoxies and other heavily chemical based substances in order to help the concrete to chemically bond and seal the crack effectively.

Because of the way that concrete separates when it does crack, it takes a remarkable flexibility and strength in order to not only fill the void left behind, but to also hold the sections of walls together.

There are many forms of epoxy injections. Different epoxies can help us to repair different varieties of foundation cracks. Horizontal cracks are not caused by many of the same things that Vertical cracks are. Because of this, the stresses put on your basement walls are different in sections depending on the style of crack that you have.

Why aren’t there Eco/ Green Foundation Repair products?

They just haven’t invented them yet. Ether that, or they haven’t been introduced to the industries that would use them. (ie, Foundation Repair, Basement Waterproofing, Structural Repair Contractors etc. )

There have been leaps and bounds in the discoveries and usage of green epoxies in the joining of plastics. But there is yet to be found a substance that’s both strong enough, flexible enough, gives off low or no V.O.C.s and is “Green” enough to be used for foundation repair.

Until that substance appears (and we all hope it appears soon!) the standard methods of Foundation Repairs still apply.

Being as Green as possible with what there is:

Foundation repair with epoxy is a controlled process. The injection process, of the various epoxies, is sealed and the epoxies that do come into contact with soil don’t break down. Soil’s compression actually stops the epoxies from spreading past the exterior wall. By having a product that seals, doesn’t break down, solves the crack issue, and also doesn’t contaminate or break down with moisture and soil contact, you’re being as eco friendly as possible with the current state of the foundation repair technology.


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