How safe are Battery Back ups for Sump Pumps?

The right word is Extremely.

Battery back ups are low maintenance, encased in waterproof covers, usually accompanied with user control panels to monitor battery power levels and functionality.

Not all sump pumps can be powered by battery. Many companies supply sump pumps that are already designed to be powered by battery power. These would be the first option to a battery-back up sump pump system. Some are strong enough even to take over for the primary A/C power pump you have installed.

There are quite a few battery-back up sump pumps on the market. However, there are only some that are as versatile, strong, and rugged as the PHC-2400 Pro-Series Battery Back-Up pumps from Glentronics. Pioneer Basement has often supported the need for a battery back up. In New England Nor’easter storms, hurricanes, and heavy rain in spring and fall can, and often do, cause power outages.

By having 2 incased batteries supplying your sump pump with power; you give yourself an extra 18 hours of fighting chance to keep your basement dry under the worst of conditions.

There has been no record, that I have access to, of any major injuries with any battery back up system.

As with anything, there is some simple safety tips to familiarize yourself with if you choose to have a battery-back up sump pump system installed:

* Know when it needs to be maintained.
* If it’s refilled, what does it need, how do you do it, and what safety protection do you need.

As with any battery, use common sense. Don’t handle the battery out of the case with bare hands. Don’t open the battery to do any refueling unless you have gloves and eye goggles on. Don’t slam the battery down on the floor because that could render it useless by shaking the plates inside the battery.

If you have any questions about having a battery-back up sump pump system installed, contact your local GrateProducts Contractor in your area to ask how you can have a Basement Inspection at your home and find out which style battery back up sump pump is right for you and your basement’s protection needs.