Spring Time = wet, mud, drenched, soaking, lawn, soil, driveway, basement time.

With spring’s arrival comes the relief that we’re no longer in winter, summer is around the corner, and change is happening.

For many people that I deal with on a normal basis, however, it’s the time of dread. With the rains in New England comes a dedicated amount of time plugging holes, bailing, mopping, dry-vac-ing, soaking up, cleaning up, tearing down, and spending way too much intimate time with the water in their basement.

It’s a lot of stress, and for many, it’s so much stress that it literally keeps them up at night (I didn’t believe that line until I met a few in person who actually physically couldn’t sleep when it rained.)

Readers of this blog know that I work for a basement waterproofing company in Massachusetts that I’m very proud of. Readers also know that I try to make it easy for them to approach me with questions and problems. It’s personally hard for me to see people go through this Spring Time anguish when the rest of the world is seemingly on cloud 9 because of all the flowers, and picnics, and butterflies and all that lovey-dovey crap.

This Spring I’m urging everyone who reads this to call me, to email me, to join in the topics on the forums and to reach out and get help for these wet basement problems. It’s not fair to you to have to suffer through “dealing with it.” You don’t have to deal with it! You can save your knees, your back, your arms, and your hands from having to battle and fend off the seemingly endless stream of water that happens every spring in New England.

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