GrateDrain – Next Phase in Basement Waterproofing Technologies pt.1

Drain Tiles, French Drain, Pipe and Stone, and now the GrateDrain™. The advancement process in the water control and basement waterproofing industry has been slow and fraught with trial and error. But now, the GrateDrain™ bends the rules and introduces new technology to old ideas.

What is the GrateDrain™?

The GrateDrain™ is a product introduced by Grate Products LLC in Westport, MA a little over 3 years ago. Its design is simple: A duel channel drain made out of extruded polyvinyl chloride (PVC), its wide holes on both sides are punched, and the walls of the drain are .08in thick. It’s a robust, smooth, drain with antimicrobials built into the plastic to defend against iron bacteria infiltration.

GrateDrain™ is unique in that it contains a solid center support wall that not only serves a structural function but succeeds in helping to discourage cross contamination of water penetration from wall/footing joint to under your concrete floor. This also helps to isolate iron bacteria issues if they are present. Large punched holes allow for higher volume of water to enter the drain to be then directed to the sump pump area.

Punching the holes, rather than drilling them, leads to less snags not only while you’re installing the GrateDrain™, but allows for less to hold onto when we’re talking about clogs. If the pipe openings are smooth, the less debris and other objects tend to get caught. Stuck dirt only allows for more things to attach themselves to it, leading to build ups and eventual failure of the pipe.

The entire drain is customizable to the size required for the job. No longer would you have to deal in 7 foot lengths of prefabricated piping. If you need a 14’-5” piece, you build it, right then and there, leading to very little waste and a more manageable pitch to the drain. The drain connects to itself via access ports that are located along long stretches of drain and at the corners. These access ports allow the installer to maintain the drain over long periods of time and allow for better flow around corners through the continuous GrateDrain™.

For more information about GrateDrain™ Contractors in your area visit: http://www.grateproducts.com/

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