Info on FHA 203K for Home Improvement needs

Everyone I've met in the past few months have asked about financing, do I do it, can I do it, who do I use and etc. That's all well and good but even financing can't cover everything.

I give all the resources that I can and now I've been looking into government backings.

This lady Jane Anne (I admit I just started reading) posted throughly about the FHA203K home improvement Loans.

It's very informative, non-biased look at this loan is a very important additive to your Arsenal. It covers basement waterproofing and other home improvement needs.

here's a sample of what it could help you cover!:
1. New freestanding appliances
2. Bathroom remodels
3. Master bedroom remodel
4. Upgrading HVAC
5. Adding energy efficient improvements
6. Wells and septic repair and upgrades
7. New siding
8. Interior painting
9. Exterior painting
10. Attic build-outs
11. Waterproofing the basement
12. Creating a media room
13. Adding a 2nd floor

Some of these improvements can of course be built into the basement, after the basement was waterproofed. So theoretically you can use this loan to totally finish your basement off. Hope!

Give it a read, take it into consideration.