Vapor Barriers and why you need them.

Vapor Barriers and why you need them.

There’s a lot of talk circulating around forums and interest boards about basement waterproofing. A standard question comes up about this topic about Vapor Barriers: Do I need one and how do I install it?


Traditional techniques dictate that the location of the Vapor Barrier should be placed outside of the studs, covering both the studs and the insulation. The drywall is then installed on top of the Barrier. It’s the right idea in the wrong order....


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I can't stress enough the importance of this major element in the health of the Basement. Just by installing it wrong you open yourself up to so many problems that could have been negated just by doing some research or by simply biting your pride and calling someone for advice or an estimate.

If you have any questions about why I stress this, comment, I can contact you and link to you articles and other information that's vital to this idea.