Sump Pumps Going Green is the Standard!

Glentronics created by Alan Schulman is responsible for 80-85% of all the battery back up sump pumps sold in America. With water being a natural resource Alan felt that not only battery back ups should use surface water, and not drinking water to flush out a discharge line, but primary sump pumps as well. So, being the entrepreneur he is, he’s created one.

He is currently asking legislators for help. Glentronics thinks that is just bad business to be, in some cases, using our own drinking water to cool some pump units. Putting a strain on a very valuable commodity, especially during drought seasons, isn’t a good idea.

Besides conserving water, Glentronics has also pioneered the Pro-Series pumps which are proven to use from a third to one-half less electricity then ordinary sump pumps. They also only come into contact with surface water, not water that has been filtered for drinking, but its naturally occurring in the soil.

“What if all the sump pumps in the United States where energy efficient?” Schulman asked Diana Newton of www.Pioneerlocal.com. “..customers recognize that it’s good for them and the world…” (taken from “Local inventor pumps it out” by Diana Newton, 1/22/08, www.pioneerlocal.com, Chicago)

With the push to become less dependent on foreign oil, with natural energy resources coming to a very expensive bottle neck, it’s nice to know that something that is designed to keep you safe is also designed to save you money and save energy.

The Pro-Series 3033 is a true 1/3 horse power pump that Pioneer Basement, Grate Products LLC, and all the contractors associated with the Pioneer Home Basement Finishing network use every day in thousands of installs a year. The pump’s impeller shaft is balanced on both the top and bottom with ball bearings in order to assure that it stays vertical, doesn’t touch the sides, and decreases the amount of friction while spinning. The whole unit is designed to be cooled off the water that it pumps out. That means no oil, no oil clogs, no oil maintenance and that means that it doesn’t need to use the same oil that’s causing financial situations all over the world. The more important part, the energy specific part, is the split capacitor motor (PSC) which holds the charge of 4amps of electricity. This allows the pump to continuously use 4amps of electricity when in use. It won’t spike and surge as other units can and do, which will save you money in the long run. When used periodically over the course of a year, it has the possibility of saving you over $55 dollars in comparison to other pumps on the market.

Being American born entrepreneurs ourselves at Pioneer Basement, we’re very proud to help to support an American company with safety and energy efficacy in mind.