Homeowners need to do more Research: Licensed CT, MA, RI Contractors

I just wrote a post on another blog that I keep about Making sure your Contractor is Licensed Properly, especially in CT.

What's wrong with Connecticut? Well, to quote an article written by Michael F. Sabitoni in the Providence Journal this past year contractors who work without licenses create a "secret economy cheats workers and state."

It's true! In the late 90s and early 2000-2004 Waterbury, CT police held multiple stings to round up contractors who were putting out bids on jobs without properly being licensed or insured.

Nothing's wrong with the state, but it's the lack of attention to this subject that is also costing Massachusetts and Rhode Island tax payers millions of dollars in their own states.

If you're a contractor: PLEASE PLEASE keep your license up to date, make sure you're registered with the state and have proper insurance. You'll save me a bundle from having to pay for you to be locked up.

If you're a homeowner: Please, don't be afraid to ask for license numbers and proof of insurance. Make sure to use the contractor research links I posted or to call your labor department in your state to ask questions.

For quick reference:
CT Department of Labor Website
RI Department of Labor + Training Website
MA Dept. Of Labor