NAWSRC Regional Meeting: Chicago, IL: Special Realtors Focus

May 22nd + 23rd, 2009! Chicago, IL
Metropolitan Industries
37 Forestwood Drive
Romeoville, IL 60446

Selling homes quickly and effectively is what makes Realtors money. For a long time Basements have been a sore spot in the home. Potential problems with the foundation, odors, and even minor/major leaks have kept homes from selling.

The NAWSRC is holding it’s regional meeting in Chicago, IL and is inviting all local realtors who want to help their clients. Registration can be done at NAWSRC Chicago Regional Meeting Registration Page and can even include web-marketing packages if you so wish to help sponsor the event.

What can a Realtor get out of Basement Waterproofing?
The fist major thing that a home gets from basement waterproofing is a safe, clean and clear basement. No water, controlled humidity, and better air quality can actually help to sell the home. A clean space that’s ready to finish leaves a blank canvas for homebuyers to start thinking about expansion before they even decide to buy. The more amenities at a competitive market value will help to showcase that home over the others.

Foundation Repair insures a good Investment
Fixing and repairing foundations can help to limit moisture, control and repair unsightly and worrisome cracks and can help to insure the foundations strength and stability. A solid foundation will show itself through better curb appeal. A level home with smoothly opening doors and windows can and will look and feel better on the first visit. A good impression is something that any Realtor needs to sell homes fast.

Our homes don’t have water, should I still come?
YES! You may not think they have water but all basements have the possibility of leaking, especially in wet areas like Chicago and Chicagoland’s metro area. If you think that water isn’t a problem, think about it as protection for your buyer.

*Automatic Warranties on the work to carry over to new homeowner ($$)
*Automatically add another 1/3 to the sell home and increase marketable floor space. ($$)
*Create a blank canvas for a buyer to think about finishing. ($$)
*Maintain pleasant air quality and make the home more pleasant to show.($$)
*Increase your network to the companies for referrals to you! ($$)
*Direct P2P and B2B networking at the Regional Meeting! ($$)

This meeting is focused to cover:A Realtor and Inspector’s Seminar
*Sell Houses Faster Without Discounting. NAWSRC Member Contractors Can help!
*Grading and Exterior Solutions. Simple Things To Do BEFORE you List That House
*Basement Drainage – Interior Solutions. Afraid to Show That Basement – We Can Help!
*Don't Let a Sinking Foundation Cause You a Lower. Commission or Worse No Sale
*Women, Plumbers, and Doctors – Air Quality Starts In The Basement
*Pre Sale Inspections Can Help You Sell A Home Faster, Build Your Reputation & Limit Your Liability
*Networking Sessions
*Product spotlights
*Question and Answers sessions
*and MORE!