The Grate Sump - more about the Grate Products Sump Liner 2

GrateSump Fully installed in a basement
Other features of the Grate Sump, that aren’t talked about nearly as often as some aspects of the GrateSump, are, in my opinion, some of the most interesting about this sump basin. When doing research about other basins and sump liners I’ll challenge you to find anything of this equivalent.

The first major innovation that I’ll be talking about in this blog post is the build int Pump Stand Ridge Lip. The stand is something that is built into the bottom of the pump basin, which is one less thing to buy. The raised ridge around this stand is designed to keep the pump from shifting dramatically when installed. As the pump runs the motion of it’s engine and the vibrations caused can force the pump to vibrate off platforms. This shift can cause damage to the pump, clog the impeller, and snap or disconnect the discharge lines which makes your pump useless. The Grate Sump’s design not only houses the pumps but is designed to keep them safe and functional.

Next to the built in pump stand is what is called the Vortex Pit. Simply put, it’s a troth that soil and sediment can be collected in as the pump’s suction causes a vortex under it. Once the sump pump stops pumping, soil and sand that have collected in the water gather around the pump. When the pump kicks back on the soil is kicked up and can cause the pump to clog. The Vortex Pit removes the soil from the suction point and keeps it safely away from the pumps impellers, thus keeping the pump cleaner and safer.

Grate Sump vs. Other Sump Pump Basins
The most unique feature of the GrateSump is the height of the unit. It sits at 19inches high and the pump will rest safely inside of it at 17 inches. Most sump basins on the market come in at a height of 24 inches or deeper. Depth isn’t a safe answer for your foundation. A basin going further than 20 inches below your floor encourages the sump pump to pull dirt and soil out from underneath the foundation’s footing when operating. This can cause collapse of the foundation wall. This is something that typically happens in corners with round, deep sump basins installed in the basement. Grate Products specifically designed the depth to discourage this from happening, thus making it a safer product for your basement.

Feel free to read more about the Grate Sump in previous posts. If you have any questions about the product, or how to have one installed, contact Grate Products: Basement Health directly through their website.

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