Reader Request: A Missouri Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Company Suggestion

Silly me, I forgot to add a Grate Products contractor over in my "Home Improvement Links" Section over to the right - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

So when I was asked in my comments, on my entry about Water coming in through the foundation of the House if I knew of a company in St.Louis. I smacked myself on the forehead for forgetting them.

Missouri Basement is a basement waterproofing and foundation repair company in St. Louis, MO that's been serving that area of the state for many years. Brining expert foundation repair knowledge and a keen understanding of the local landscape to the basements, they've been an amazing addition to the Grate Products Network of Contractors.

Recently the owner of the company started putting together some videos to help homeowners around his area understand the different processes and problems with fixing the basement the right way (as soon as I have a link to some, I'll post them!)