Back in Drainage Action after a week Vacation

I don't normally talk about personal things outside of work but I had such a wonderful time in Florida this past week relaxing and doing as little as possible.

It was however hard not to think about work while I was there. The sales on long sleved plad work shirts forced me into a short term future of dressing similarly to Bob Villa. I think a professional look at work will be an interesting change for me. Just need some dockers to finish off the look and I'm good to go.

bob villa, dur(and no, I don't look anything like Bob.)

Florida, or so it seemed, is a continuous experiment with drainage. Everywhere you look there's water. Water on golf corses, end of property ditches to create motes, large land building for schools, homes, shopping centers, retainer ponds that hold the reditributed water from new developements, the examples of this endless struggle with the elements is apparent everywhere I traveled.
Saturated land, soggy grass, it's all part of the gig of building something on a swamp I guess.
So, home I come, to the land of snow, clay and sand. Drainage, wet basements, and flooding. Oh yes, I'm already busy putting together other posts in response to questions and search results to help you get the answers about your basement that you need.
Happy New Year (btw)!