Choosing the most “Green” Sump Pump.

Glentronic's ProSeries 3033 Sump Pump
Long ago I talked about the Glentronics pumps being the most “green” on the market. That article dealt more with how these pumps don’t contaminate or use drinking water to supply its pumping power. There are many more aspects of a sump pump that would make it eco friendly.

If you’re in the market for a sump pump and you’re being environmentally conscious then there are many other factors that you need to ask questions about:

What’s the Energy Draw of the sump pump?
The amps that the sump pumps use dictate the amount of energy that is pulled off the grid to power your sump pump. Amps range in the market from 3.8 or so to pumps that can draw over 12 amps. The cost to you would be more like $28/year to $88/year. The more amps, the more money the power company is going to charge you, and the more (possibly) harmful that can be to the environment depending on how you’re getting your energy.

What is the sump pump made of?
Many reputable and respected companies make their pumps out of cast iron. But the new solution for pumps has been the introduction into solid stainless steel construction. This introduces less rust, corrosion and introduction of processed minerals into your ground water.

Does it cool with Oil or water?
Cooling with oil is typical to most mechanical devices such as cars and lawnmowers. But with oil comes sludge. Oil can bind an engine if it reaches a certain temperature and in heavy rains when your pump can literally run all day to keep your basement dry, it’s not smart to take that change. Water cooled sump pumps use the water that’s around it, not drinking water, to cycle through and cool the interior of the pump. Different pumps have different cycles, but the important question to ask is “does that water come in contact with lubricants?” The answer to most water-cooled pumps on the market is no.

How much water should it pump?

3000gph/50gpm @ 10’ head is a good marker. Any pump that can do this amount of pumping with a 1/3 horsepower engine with around 3.8amps is a fantastic start. You’ll bind together pumping efficiency with energy savings to get more “bang” for your buck.

Is there an energy star rating for sump pumps?

As of right now there isn’t. The Sump Pump manufactures in America are working to get this coveted mark and hopefully soon this will be an easier way for you as a homeowner to find and shop for a product that’s right for your home.

Making the switch over to clean “green” energy for your home doesn’t have to disrupt the protection you’re installing in your basement. Sump pumps run of ether AC or DC Battery power. The easiest way to make sure that your energy draw is environmentally friendly is to take part in your state’s program to assign where you’d like your power to come from.

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