Foundation Wall Crack Repair System – CrackShield

CrackShield is a 2-part crack repair system that is designed for the most skilled contractor and for the novice looking to step into the repair industry.

Grate Products has combined injection methods with strength additives to repair the wall together into a kit that is intended for foundation wall crack repair.

On the website http://www.crackshield.com/ it goes into a bit more detail about how the products work together in order to form a more thorough wall repair. There are also instructions on how to purchase CrackShield, become a CrackShield contractor, or just to learn more about what CrackShield does for a basement wall.

To anyone wishing to add a crack repair method to their skill set, you can simply contact Grate Products on their site or through CrackShield.com to find out when the next training session is. Don’t think for a second that this is a kit that will magically show up at your doorstep and you can start the next day, there is a very detailed check-list for each job, including how to inspect and assess each crack in each wall.

In the contractor section of Grate Products, there are training videos for further educating staff and technicians on the tools and techniques used with CrackShield. After going through the training at the Grate Products Training Facility in Westport, you’ll gain access to these videos as well as to our network of skilled support staff.

Add to your existing business, start a new one, increase the earning potential for your service staff, whatever the case is, CrackShield is an excellent tool to have in your toolbox as a local professional in your area.

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