Few Other Sites...I Find..yes

Being an active blogger and basement waterproofing advocate, I do take tours around the construction "industry" as much as possible, and this does include Blogs.

I've been having quite a hard time finding industry related blogs, but they're out there. (little niche hint encase anyone's looking for something to write about)

Stair Builders linked to Pioneer Basement Waterproofing a while back so I thought I'd go and check it out. It's a hogde-pogde of different articles and statements about the construction industry. It's worth taking a peek at.

Basement-Tips is another random site I found using one of my article from Ezine. Thankfully they used the edited version of it and it read the way I intended it too. A little link heavy, but some great links ether way.

I am happy to report after following him on Twitter, The Carpenter Confidential Blog is back out cutting wood and cracking out reviews and projects.
Spring is here and oddly enough I've been helping some of my friends regionally and nationally who are looking at homes. They've been sending me pictures of the basements that they see to get my advice before signing up for a building inspector.

I'll be writing on that and sharing pictures just as soon as "Anubis" gets back to me about using his photos;-) (I'm sure he'll say yes)