Crack Repair: Not a total solution for basement waterproofing

Crack repair should never be considered the final solution to solve any wet basement problem. It should only be considered part of the final solution. Crack repair helps to heal and repair the foundation, but there are still many ways in which water can find its way into your basement besides that crack.

A total solution that would involve dedicated crack repair would be that of a crack or two in conjunction with a vapor barrier and drain solution.

The crack repair, even though most come with 10-year warranties, only typically covers the area where the crack was repaired. This doesn’t cover the basement either getting wet or experiencing another crack. The best way to insure that the crack is backed up is to have a vapor barrier and drainage system installed over it.

Repairing a crack, whether it, be by injection or some other method, only fills the void and bonds the concrete back together. Water can still find it’s way through the concrete, rod ties, the floor/wall joint, the joint between the footer and the wall, or if the pressure is enough through a newly formed crack somewhere else in the basement. Crack repair is only intended to repair the crack and stop it from expanding and causing further foundation wall damage.

By having a crack injected the crack will be repaired and the wall will be sound. A vapor barrier and drain can now help to remove, capture and redirect any moisture or liquid water that comes into your basement. If another crack forms due to stress on the foundation, soil movement or settling then the vapor barrier that is installed can and will protect your basement against any moisture that comes through those as well.

Having the combination of a full foundation repair, a crack repair and a moisture control system will ensure that your basement stays dry.