Design Help 1

So you're thinking about huckin' everything out the window and starting over (or your partner is thinking it, but you want to be supportive).

If you have no idea where to start, no fresh way to go? Well I found this article slightly limited, but it helped the the blood flowing in the right direction.


it helps you to narrow down your style a bit so that your purchases for paint and fabric don't clash with what your likes and dislikes are. Just because a room looks good doesn't mean it feels good to you.


Things to Look For 1

So I've gotten many questions in my travels, especially from people selling their houses, but also from people in the market to buy: "What should I be looking for in the basement?"

I've taken some pictures recently of some friends basements, and I'll post some images from other people's basements hopefully later tonight. Hopefully as I go I can explain the good and the bad.


First Things First!

I work for a Basement Moisture Control Company in Mass. Pioneer Basement

Here I'll be focusing primarily on home improvement but don't worry, I'll be posting other interesting things as well!