Where I get my Drive.

Often people ask me why I'm so obsessed with basements and home improvement. I do work for Pioneer Basement (if you haven't already guessed from my endless ranting about how amazing we are:-) )

Steve Andres
recently wrote a piece stating in the hopes of getting accross how important actually addressing the basement is.

He's the inspiration for the majority of my writing and research. In time I also hope to be an internet version of him, spreading the word and pressing the basement waterproofing industry to change, the technology to grow and change, for the minds of millions of people to finally see that by changing the environment in their basement they can drastically affect the living standard that they want to improve.

My other blogs on various networks are listed, as well as Steve's small collection. Out hope is really to educate you to understanding how important your basement is to the total health of your home. Education is the first step towards changing your reality.

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