Backup sump pumps that do not waste drinking water

The best way to protect a basement from flooding during an emergency is to install a battery backup sump pump. These systems can provide days of pumping when the power is out or the primary sump pump fails. Battery backup sump pumps include a separate pump and a powerful battery that is connected together with a monitoring controller.

Plumbing contractors offer the industrial grade version of these sump pumps under the PHCC Pro Series Brand. Product information and a listing of factory authorized installing contractors is available at www.stopflooding.com

For the Do It Yourself homeowner there is the Basement Watchdog brand of energy saving sump pump. Details on this brand and a list of stocking retailers is available at www.basementwatchdog.com

There are also backup sump pumps that actually use the power of your fresh running water from a faucet. The fresh water sucks up soiled sump water and dumps it outside of the building. Unfortunately this wastes huge amounts of valuable fresh drinking water that is needed to sustain us. As we have all witnessed in the summer months, we are restricted or prohibited from watering our gardens and lawns because there is a shortage of fresh water. Some areas have had to ration water just to provide basic service. This is the same fresh water that we are allowing to be used in backup sump pumps when the proven technology of battery backup sump pumps is available. A back-flow valve is required on water powered pumps to prevent the sump water from flowing back into the fresh water supply. If a valve is not installed properly the polluted sump water can contaminate your drinking water as well as the rest of your neighborhood. For this reason a licensed plumber is required to install these pumps properly.
above contributed by Glentronics.

It for these reasons, and many others, why Pioneer Basement and the Pioneer Home Basement Finishing Network don’t install drinking water use sump pumps. Our Waterproofing Experts only use the PHCC Pro Series Brand, which doesn’t use drinking water. We do this because we’re concerned about the health and safety of our nation’s people.

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