Brad Pitt: Architectural Digest: "making it right"

In my post Organic vs. Non-Organic Basement Finishing Design I used an image from a home design that was proposed for Brad Pitt's 9th ward rehabilitation site in New Orleans.

Architectural Digest wrote an article on this project. It has a link as well to the W article/interview with Brad Pitt.

The structural designs are sound, it's good charity work, but I think the question on everyone's mind is more about the stability of the walls of the levy. Home designs, like the one in this construction area, are key to the survival of families in this area of the future.

I wanted to share these articles because they're two magazines I enjoy and the designs of the homes are daydream worthy in my opinion. Sometimes the answer for homes near high water tables and flood areas is no basements! I'm glad that more marine friendly construction is happening.

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