Cracking down on Illegal Sump Pump Discharge Hook ups

It sounds like it should be something that's not a "big deal", right?

Well from the loads that many homes put on the city septic and sewer systems by adding discharge from their sump pumps some cities such as Saugus, MA have have enough and are cracking down on illegal sump pumps.

Similar laws are sprinkled thoughout New England because the majority of our septic and sewer systems are rather old and aren't able to function with the current and expanding population numbers.

If you have a sump pump connected to a septic line or a sewer line in your home I HIGHLY recommend you fix that. Cap off the existing connection and let it discharge outside. If you need help designing a discharge line, shoot me a line and I can do what I can.

When/if your septic/sewer line backs up you could received raw sewage in your basement. Please take this seriously and correct your connections

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