Organic Vs. Non-Organic Construction in Basements Remodeling

Recycling, green building and renewable forms of energy are all amazing steps in America today. It has been a long time coming. There is a new appreciation for Organic farming and produce, helping people to eat better, eat locally, and support their farms and farmers. But there seems to be confusion when discussing construction material for home improvements. People are so use to seeing “organic” and associating it with “good”. When building below grade in a basement different construction practices need to start happening rather than “traditional” space construction. In this case Non-Organic can be associated with Good, and help to protect and support the green building on top of it.

Non-Organic construction simply means that the things that are used in the construction are man-made and can’t be broken down by natural bacteria or fungi, such as mold. Typically, they are items that can’t be food sources for mold such as wood or standard Dry Wall. These products can however be made from recycled items, such as car tires, plastics and other materials. They are all designed specifically for applications in the basement so as not to contribute to the existence of molds or mildews in your basement space.

If you plan to use a renewable resource such as Bamboo for a flooring option, good for you! You’re helping the environment by buying into a resource that doesn’t strip away eco-systems. However, to be on the safe side, because it’s an Organic product, simply putting a FloorSheild™ can help to separate that brand new bamboo flooring from coming into contact with moisture on your basement floor. Typical vapor diffusers work, for the most part, but they aren’t designed to allow for air flow below the floor needed by the dehumidifiers to do their jobs properly.

I whole heartedly support Organic and renewable resources. When designing in the basement, always be aware of matching Non-Organic with Organic to create a protective layer that can defend the interior space from moisture damage.

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