Basement Stories - We Want to hear from you!

Over the past few years I've heard some pretty remarkable stories about home imporvement. The time, energy, and money that many people put into their homes is amazing, and some of the stories that come out of the experience are priceless.

The Basement is one of the parts of the home where many stories are hidden. I'm interested in hearing a story you have about your basement. Good or Bad, scary or happy, I want to hear from readers about their basement stories. 

Tomorrow I'll share one of my favorite basement memories as well as a story about why I started working in the Basement Waterproofing Industry.

Feel free to leave your story in a comment, or email it to me directly! I can't wait to hear what you have to share!

(I'm not going to close comments, so that way people can continue to add to the stories).

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