Flooding - Summer tragically brings too much water

This summer has started off with a bang. Heavy floods caused serious problems in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. A few weeks latter parts of Tennessee are hit hard causing problems for thousands. And now, even though it's seasonal, China is getting hit with what many are calling the worst flooding they've seen in the past 10 years.

In pictures - China's Incredible Flooding  - Weather Channel.

State side isn't going to having it any easier, or so says some of the coverage and forecasts provided by the National Weather Service. Top 5 Hurricane Vulnerable & Overdue Cities As per usual the East Coast of the USA is a prime target for any activity coming off of the Atlantic ocean. The Weather Channel provides up to date information on formations and patterns so that you can stay on top of the weather that might just cause your basement to flood.

One of the negatives about living near the water is that even if you're not in the direct impact path of a storm, surges can carry the water inland or increase the water levels around your home. This raises the level of moisture and water in the soil around your home and can put your foundation under more pressure. Storms of any size can be a problem, but as the logic goes, the larger the storm the bigger the chance of flooding.

Stay prepared this summer and get ahead of Hurricane Season!

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