My own basement stories. - Basement Workbench and Basement Floods

As I mentioned in my previous post I’m looking for your own Basement Stories. Things that you might remember, or currently use the basement for now, that have had an impact on your life.

basement work bench
For me, some of my best memories take place at my Grandfather’s workbench in the basement. That’s where we spend time building birdhouses, spice-racks, and fixing broken house hold items such as cabinet doors and broken bookcases. I spent a great deal of my childhood learning to use tools to fix things from that bench and still have fond memories.

Sadly, there’s always a twist to any basement story, and that’s normally when it floods. Both my grandparents and my mother’s basement flooded quite often. Many projects kept in the workbench room at my Grandfather’s house would be thrown away due to the water and lack of drainage. My Mother’s house (build in the 1940s) leaked from several windows in the foundation which led to countless hours mopping and bailing. Those leaks also caused a great deal of our belongings to be thrown away in the trash (including a leather sofa - that was a poor choice on my part to keep that down there).

I’ve already heard from a few followers on Blogged.com and Facebook. What’s your Basement Story? Leave comments - Best story I get will be publicly published on Safe and Dry Basement Blog :-)
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